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With a modern, intuitive, fully responsive interface, Corella offers a level of interactivity that not many rival, our LMS makes online,
on-demand learning an easy enjoyable process.

Corella goes beyond the traditional teaching and learning management system (LMS) and offers a simpler, more powerful experience that’s both engaging and entertaining.

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Make it unique, make it yours

Designed to be entirely customizable with an intuitive, personalized interface, Corella makes life easier for the teacher and fun for the student.

With time saving tools and package of a streamlined design, it’s never been easier to teach and learn. Corella’s LMS platform offers a variety of tools to choose from so you can mix and match what suits your learners best.

Our easy to understand dashboard gives you real time updates on how your students are doing and will even generate an automated progress report giving you an insight in the areas your students need help.

With our 24/7 support team, we can offer you handy tips on how to get the most out of our LMS.

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Why Corella?

Flexible features and tools that support your teaching approach. With Blackboard Learn’s pedagogy-first mindset, instructors will find it easier to build courses and incorporate the right tools at the right place—in a way that best engages students and optimizes the user experience

Corella is able to offer unique insights into not only the achievements of each student but also their behavior throughout their learning journey. This allows a more tailored teaching approach which can achieve better engagement and a pleasurable learning experience.

Upon committing to Corella we are able to offer personalized support through the setup and branding of your LMS. This will allow a seamless process from signup through to course creation.

The team at Corella are committed to offering up-to-date features that give you access to the latest teaching methods. With this is mind we are constantly researching and adding features and additions all at no extra cost.

Every teacher needs a learning strategy that is not just A to B. Corella offers and mix and match learning toolset that allows teachers to vary their strategies and integrate new activities throughout courses to keep the learner energised and engaged.

Corella offer many different ways to save time and hands on tools. From automating reports to updates on courses or even reminding students that they need to complete courses, Corella offer almost endless ways to save your business time and money.

The team at Corella are committed to providing a service that breaks down all barriers to learning. This is why we have a team of specialists to offer support whenever it is needed.

Corella is always looking at ways to continually improve, with that we love to hear feedback from our customers to allow us to learn how we can enhance our offering. We are tireless in our pursuit of this and if you have ideas on how we can improve we are always happy to chat.

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