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got easier!

Engage, entertain and educate.

Customize your teaching experience and maximize your students potential through a better way of learning.

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Teach the way you want,
not the way you have to.

Corella’s LMS has been designed to accommodate all learning environments.

Schools, universities, businesses, and government agencies all benefit from our flexible approach to learning. Choose the right tools and structure your lesson your way.

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Not everyone learns the same way

Over the past two decades online learning has gradually become more popular. The recent pandemic has shown there is a right way to approach on-line learning and a wrong way.

Research shows the best way to connect with your learners is through highly engaging and entertaining content. Corella’s LMS platform offers a variety of tools to choose from so you can mix and match what suits your learners best.

Our easy to understand dashboard gives you real time updates on how your students are doing and will even generate an automated progress report giving you an insight in the areas your students need help.

With our 24/7 support team, we can offer you handy tips on how to get the most out of our LMS.

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  • Video conferencing

  • Open chat

  • Automated calendar

  • Automated emails

  • Interactive tools

  • Mix and match

  • Dashboard

  • Insights

  • Support 24/7

Corella dashboard example

Do more, teach more and learn more

With our easy to understand dashboard customise the teaching experience to suit you and gain valuable insights into how your students are doing.

Automate a range of functions; set calendar invites, send out reminders and updates along with resource tools.

Learning should be available to anyone anywhere, our LMS is quick and easy to set up with our step by step guide instructions and 24/7 support help

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Corella is powered by world standard software used by Governments and big business alike. Our commitment to education is part of In Safe Hands, one of Australia’s best and most trusted training companies, online and in-person.

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